Bridge to Russky Island

Bridge to Russky Island

Vladivostok (new construction)
Construction supervision
Project period: 2009 – 2012
Client: Federal Road Administration of the Far East Region of Russia (Vladivostok)

Russky bridge links Russky Island in the Sea of Japan with the mainland of Russian Far East. It is a cable-stayed bridge with the record-breaking main span of 1104 m, which was built within the preparation to the APEC summit held in Vladivostok in 2012. Construction of the bridge is a part of the federal programme aimed at facilitating the development of Vladivostok to make it become an international cooperation centre of the Asia-Pacific.

Stroyproekt Engineering Group carried out construction supervision of the project.


Technical parameters

Total length including approach flyovers: 3100 m

Main span length — 1104 m

Span layout, m: 60+72+3х84+1104+3х84+72+60

Total width — 29.5 m

Carriageway width — 23.8 m

Pylon height — 320.9 m

Main features

Construction works were arranged to be carried out simultaneously by two contractors, starting from the both ends of the designed bridge: on the right and on the left bank as well. This enabled reduction of construction time. Thus, installation of the first stay cables started when concreting of the pylons and cast-in-situ beam sections of anchor spans had not been yet completed.

Construction was carried out in severe weather conditions: large temperature fluctuations, strong winds and excessive humidity. Therefore, the choice of material and technologies resulted from the climate conditions. Steel used for cables can withstand the air temperature differences from −40 to +40° С. The superstructure aerodynamics make the bridge resistant to squally winds.



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