Construction of Lytkarino – Tomilino – Kraskovo – Zheleznodorozhny Motorway

Construction of Lytkarino – Tomilino – Kraskovo – Zheleznodorozhny Motorway

Moscow Region (reconstruction, new construction)
Project period: 2012 – 2014
General Designer: Institute Stroyproekt ZAO
Client: Moscow Region Road Infrastructure Directorate

The lack of regional roads in the suburbs of Moscow has led to usage of radial roads and Moscow Ring Road for linking the neighboring districts, which resulted in traffic congestion of these roads and overmileage for the drivers. This problem is especially grave in the districts located to the East and Southeast of the Russian capital and, to resolve it, construction of new direct highway links is required. One of such motorways will connect Lytkarino to Zhelesnodorozhny through Tomilino and Kraskovo.  
The new road will provide a direct link between Moscow Region districts Lytkarino, Tomilino, Kraskovo, Malakhovka, Lubertsy, Balashikha and Zhelesnodorozhny and, thus, relieve the South-Eastern segment of Moscow Ring Road (between Novoryazan and Nosovikhino Motorways) and adjacent radial roads fr om excessive traffic loads. It will also reduce traffic flows in the local streets and roads in the area wh ere new interchanges are planned for construction.   

Lytkarino - Zhelesnodorozhny Motorway is a key element of the new roadway network of Moscow Region.

Main parameters:

•    Total length: 23.8 km (rehabilitation of 1.9 km and new construction of 21.9 km)
•    Road Category: express trunk road
•    Number of lanes in the rehabilitated section: 4, in the section of new construction: 6.
•    Number of traffic interchanges: 7
•    Number of engineering structures including on mainway/ interchange ramps: 25/20



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